-- WWE is advertising Sin Cara for the August 20 live event in Tacoma, Washington. He received a 30-day suspension for violating the Wellness Policy on July 18, and that is the first SmackDown! show he would be eligible to appear on. Sin Cara is not eligible to appear at SummerSlam on August 14. or the SmackDown! taping that follows on August 16. There was a lot of speculation that he could be released by the company, but at this point it looks like he'll be back on the road starting with Tacoma, as he is advertised for numerous events beyond that date.

-- In case you missed it on Friday's SmackDown!, Triple H confirmed that he has re-signed CM Punk to a new deal.

-- Sheamus will be appearing tomorrow, Monday, at the Cricket store in Lexington, Kentucky on Versailles Road from 6-8pm. On Wednesday, Sheamus will be meeting kids at the Hall Neighbor House on George Pipkin's Way in Bridgeport, Connecticut beginning at 10:30am.

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