-- Living Colour recently posted the following on their Twitter: "Love n luck to @CMPunk and his loyal fan base! Glad to see new + old faces enjoying our music. Hope to meet you whenever we hit the road"

-- CHIKARA will debut on I-PPV on November 12th, which will be the culmination of their 12 Large Tournament.

-- Also announced was JoshiMania for December, with Manami Toyota and Aja Kong confirmed for the event.

-- There will be a bWo reunion at the WizardWorld convention this year. Stevie Richards, Mike Bucci and The Blue Meanie will all be in attendance.

-- WizardWorld has also confirmed that Billy Corgan will be in attendance to discuss his new pro wrestling venture. Here is an excerpt: "Billy will be appearing Saturday, August 13th at the Judas Posters booth from 5-7PM! Billy, a lifelong fan of Professional Wrestling, will be appearing at Wizard World Chicago to support his new position as creative director for the brand new wrestling promotion RESISTANCE PRO. Wizard World Chicago will be the host to the official announcement as to what RESISTANCE plans on doing to changet he face of Professional wrestling as we know it!"

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