-- WWE has announced that tonight's RAW will kick off with CM Punk addressing fans for the first time since returning with the WWE Championship one week earlier.

WWE has also announced a tag team match pitting Rey Mysterio and John Morrison against The Miz and R-Truth. The Miz and R-Truth teamed up at live events over the weekend.

-- CM Punk revealed plans for his scheduled promo tonight on RAW during an appearance this morning on WXIN 59 that we posted earlier.

Punk, who is advertised to kick off tonight's RAW with a speech, revealed that he'll be talking about John Cena, Triple H and Vince McMahon. He says it's a can't-miss promo, and since he's in a "crabby mood" due to having to wake up early for this morning's television appearance, he plans to unleash on his colleagues.

"You probably want to be there tonight. It's probably one of those moments you won't forget," Punk said.

He also discussed his current feud with John Cena and stated that he does not dislike Cena. However, he wants Cena to see how it feels to not always be "on top."

Punk tries his hand at weather following the promotional interview, which concludes with a tribute to Anchorman. He signs off by saying, "That's the weather. I'm CM Punk and you're not."

To view the video interview, which has his new theme song playing in the background, click here.

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