CM Punk Speaks Out: Leaving WWE, MITB, Miz Being Rehearsed, Jericho, New Theme

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Source: The B.S. Report

The topic turned to how risky the business has gotten.

"I think it's our job to kind of dumb it down," said Punk. "For awhile it was like every match had some sort of furniture and chairs. What do you do to top that? Let's throw somebody off a building. Let's put somebody through something that's on fire. It's just like, after awhile, the crowd gets so desensitized and they want to see something bigger, and that's just a dangerous spot to put yourself in. I certainly... I certainly never want to do another Money in the Bank match, I'll tell you that much. Those things are dangerous, legit.

"Watch one of those matches. You've got somebody who is 240 pounds standing on the ladder and somebody else is jumping on the ladder. Those things twist and they bend and they break. The next thing you know you have some sharp implement sticking out of the ladder. There were a few times in some of those matches that if somebody bumped six inches to the right or the left or whatever it may be, and they would have been impaled by like some part of the ladder that was sticking up. Yeah, those are very dangerous matches."

Simmons asked Punk about Comic Con: "It was a lot of fun. To my point, see what happens when you just kind of do stuff? I think it's very hard to the owner of a billion dollar company and just say, 'Hey, just trust me, I'm not going to go out there and drop my pants and go streaking, just let me have a little bit of free reign with this, I will do everything within certain guidelines, but you gotta push the envelope a little bit. Nobody in this business who made it to the top did it by just doing everything they were told and not taking chances. I think I have the best guts in the business and sometimes my gut tells me to do something, and I do it. That whole Comic Con thing is a perfect example of it. It's unscripted, it was fun. I'm not trying to work all the boys and stuff like that, but I think it's better when they don't know stuff. Two of the most flattering texts I got after the match and the whole deal, one was from Christian and one was from Rey [Mysterio], two guys I respect to the umpteenth degree. Their work speaks for themselves. But when they text me, and they said, 'We had no idea what was going on and we got to watch that match and we felt like fans,' that's the biggest compliment in the world."

Simmons went on to ask Punk on the future and what's coming.

"Everyone says it's a new Attitude Era and you're the second coming of Steve Austin. That's completely false. I'm C.M. Punk. If I can call the new era anything, I'd call it 'The Reality Era'. I think we have a very talented roster. I think times change so much and certain people are out of touch with stuff that I don't know if a lot of the talent, if people know how to present them in the right light.

"Guys like Kofi [Kingston] and Dolph Ziggler, I think these guys are awesome, but I think everybody needs to step back and things need to be done differently. I don't think ratings matter as much as everyone thinks they do anymore. When Nitro and Raw were going head-to-head, the combined ratings were like a nine, sometimes a ten, so like where did these millions of people go and why are we still living and dying based on those ratings when we don't have competition?

"Let's look at our options. There's a billion different ways you can go, and millions of directions for millions of different situations. I just think that we can do things differently and better."

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