CM Punk Speaks Out: Leaving WWE, MITB, Miz Being Rehearsed, Jericho, New Theme

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Source: The B.S. Report

Punk then gave his take on his favorite current wrestler.

"Rey Mysterio, hands down," Punk replied. "Absolutely. Rey is amazing. Rey knows who he is. Rey knows what he is. He's amazing at everything he does. Rey has the ability to make anybody he gets in the ring with look ten times better than they really are.

"He works hard, and you just can't teach experience. That's a quote of [Chris] Jericho's, Jericho would always say to me, 'you can't teach experience.' He was a guy I asked a lot of advice from when I was like, 'I'm leaving, I'm splitting.' He said, 'you'll always be able to go back, you can't teach experience.'"

Simmons noted that he felt Jericho's career could have been better than it was to which Punk said, "Well, he took a big break and that helped him eventually. That was kind of the blue print for what I was going to do. I'm pretty beat up. I narrowly avoided hip surgery in November, that was when I was doing commentary. That was the one that kind of shook me up. I had just gotten my elbow scoped over the summer. I got my elbow scoped, and I didn't miss a show. When I did my hip, that was kind of like a wake up call. I was like, 'OK, I'm 32 and I'm about to have a hip surgery.' No matter how good the surgeon is, no matter how not the surgery went, it's still a surgery. The rehab was going to suck and it's my hip, you know? I would like to walk -- and normally -- for the rest of my life so it opened my eyes up to a lot of different things.

"Right now I'm healthy as can be, typical bumps and bruises and stuff like that."

Punk finished by saying that "a lot of people are embarrassed about pro wrestling and I don't think anyone needs to be. My goal is to make this sh-t cool again. It's not just going to be me who does it, it's going to be me and Cena and Miz and Rey Mysterio. That's where the team effort comes in. I want to open this thing wide open like it was in the late 90s."

Once again, you can listen to the entire interview by clicking here, it's definitely worth a listen.

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