Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

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Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga vs. Zack Ryder and Santino Marella is up next

Otunga and McGillicutty came out with non-Nexus gear and music. Loud "We Want Ryder" chants throughout the match. Ryder got a big pop when he was tagged in. Otunga and McGillicutty won the match clean using Demolition's "decapitation device" finisher.

A promo for NBC's WrestleMania special aired.

Edge's appearance on Haven is plugged.

Backstage, Matthews asked Punk what he thought HHH's decision was going to be. Punk said he was testing Hunter earlier, and he beat Cena, so "the champ is here."

Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio and we're set for our next match after commercial.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Evan Bourne

Del Rio defeated Bourne via submission with the arm-bar. After the match, Del Rio re-applied the arm-bar. Kofi Kingston hit the ring to make the save and got a nice pop.

Triple H is shown walking to the ring. poll has 54% of people saying Cena should be champion to CM Punk's 46%.

Triple H heads to the ring. He takes the mic and says that for the first time in WWE history, there are two WWE Champions. HHH said both have legit claims to the throne. John Laurinaitis interrupts and heads to the ring. He says that it's his job to sign talent and manager contracts. Laurinaitis says that HHH has been in the corporate ring for a short time, while he's been there for over 10 years. He says HHH should strip Cena of the championship. John Cena's music hits and he heads to the ring.

Cena gets a nice pop, which quickly turns to boos once he takes the mic. Cena says Laurinaitis was the yes man that Punk has been talking about and says that he wants Cena stripped because Cena punched him at the MITB PPV. Cena says if he loses the title, he wants to lose it legitimately, not to be stripped of it. Laurinaitis says the reason he wanted Cena stripped is because Punk beat Cena. Cena says his favorite moment of the PPV was punching Laurinaitis in the face, and that he should do it again, and said he was going to. Triple H said he didn't have a problem with that and Laurinaitis headed out of the ring.

Cena pleads his case to HHH, and HHH said that he wasn't stripping Cena of the title. HHH said that Punk returned a signed contract as Cena beat Mysterio of the title. He said that he won't strip Cena of the title and Punk's music hits.

Mixed reaction for Punk until he starts speaking, then there's a loud "CM Punk" chant. Punk says that it's just going back to business as usual. Triple H says neither will be stripped of anything, and the two will square off at SummerSlam, leaving one undisputed champion. HHH then leaves the ring.

Punk and Cena are face to face in the center of the ring and take turns holding their belts up as their respective music playing. The two then stand on the ropes with their belts. The music changing back and forth didn't work, and the result was predictable, but a good show overall nonetheless.

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