Jim Ross has a new blog entry up, here are the highlights…

On Michael Cole: Do I hate Michael Cole? No. I really try to not be a 'hater' as I've worked with too many people in my life that were. They're no fun to be around. Cole is in a challenging spot trying to raise his game to the level of the antagonist Lawler, Cornette, Ventura, Heyman, JBL, and Bobby Heenan. I do know that our three man team will evolve on Raw nicely. Thsi has zero to do with some, like me by and large, who prefer a two man announce team. I'm not a big fan of the three man booth on Monday Night Football, BTW.

On David Von Erich: If he had lived, how great would David Von Erich have been? Likely the best, pure in ring performer of the Von Erich brothers and if he was in control of his extracurricular activities outside the ring, he would have likely been a multiple time NWA Champion. Kerry had more charisma but David was gifted as an in ring performer and seemed to be the best 'student of the game' of the brothers.

On Another Match With Cole: Will JR and Michael Cole have a 'blow off match?' Good Lord, I hope not. Why continue to punish the audience? That ship has sailed plus after a 2nd abdominal surgery only a few weeks ago that's the last thing that I need to be doing. Here's a novel idea, how about more wrestlers getting in the mix?

On Vince McMahon Buying A Sports Team: Do I think that Vince McMahon will ever buy a main stream sports franchise? Impossible to say as I never try to assume what McMahon may or may not do. Nothing would shock me especially with so many NBA teams in financial difficulty. Bottom line, who knows?

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