Source: Pwinsider

- Triple H was a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, coming into the studio from the crowd. As The Roots played "Bow Down to the King," Triple H came up from under the seats. When he sat down, he told Jimmy, "It never gets old coming out of a smoky hole."

- The interview started by Triple H talking about how much fun it was to fire Vince McMahon on television, now that he is the new COO in the storylines. They talk about how he got to know Stephanie and how the two became a couple, saying that they were ahead of the game because they had a dry run on TV in getting married and then getting divorced.

- A clip was shown of Triple H firing Vince from RAW. Triple H said it brought "a tear to the glass eye."

- Talk then switched to the upcoming special on NBC, and how it feels to have The Rock back with WWE.

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