X Division Championship Match
Brian Kendrick (c) vs. Austin Aries vs. Alex Shelley

The bell rings and each man is looking to get the opening advantage. Aries lands blows on Kendrick then Shelley then back to Kendrick and Shelley. He takes both out again but Kendrick hits him with a running clothesline, sending him to the outside.

Kendrick and Shelley work in the ring with Shelley trying to apply a submission hold. He gets a quick cover for a one count on Kendrick. Austin Aries looks on from the outside. Kendrick and Shelley are both back on their feet.

Alex Shelley takes Kendrick down to the mat with a wrist lock. He gets back up but down again with an ankle pick. Aries gets in but Shelley gives him a knife edge chop to send him back to the outside. Shelley and Kendrick circle one another as the crowd seems subdued.

Kendrick is in the corner with Aries holding him there. Shelley looks to land offense but instead starts jawing with Aries. Shelley takes Aries off the apron with right hands. Kendrick and Shelley work in the ring as Aries gets back in. He eats an inverted atomic drop by Shelley followed by a drop kick from Kendrick. Shelley gets a quick cover.

Snap suplex attempt from Shelley onto Kendrick but Austin Aries gets back in and rakes the back of Shelley. Some how, Aries goes to the mat. Kendrick uses the distractions to go to work on Shelley. Shelley counters off the ropes but Shelley ends up going to the outside. Kendrick attempted the suicide dive but he was cut off by Aries.

Shelley gets on the apron and Aries kicks him back off. It's Kendrick and Aries in the ring as Aries throws Kendrick over the top rope to the outside. Kendrick got his leg caught on the apron to take a nasty bump. Shelley lands offense from the outside but gets in to face Aries. Aries lands offense and takes Kendrick out off the apron. Arie sends Shelley to the outside then suicide dives to the outside onto both his opponents.

Back in the ring, Shelley counters a standing moonsault attempt by Austin Aries. Shelley applies an armbar submission on Brian Kendrick who is back in the ring. Aries is down in the corner. Kendrick lands offense on Shelley, countering out of the submission hold. Shelley defends against a dragon screw with a leg whip. Kendrick is on the mat as Shelley goes to the top rope. Aries is up but ends up eating a kick from Shelley. Shelley goes back to the top but Kendrick is up. Shelley kicks Kendrick off the top and jumps off the top rope onto him. Shelley locks in the spinning figure four on Kendrick in the middle of the ring.

Austin Aries gets back in making the save in the process. Aries goes to work on Kendrick, kicking him in the face. He shifts his attention on Shelley, hitting a bulldog. Bridge chinlock submission by Aries on Shelley. Kendrick comes in and makes the save.

Aries makes a run at Kendrick (who is in the corner). Kendrick gets a leg up and takes him up. Kendrick lands more offense and gets a two count on Aries. Shelley is on the outside. Aries counters and sets Kendrick up on the top rope. Alex Shelley sneaks back in and all three are working in the corner. Shelley puts Aries on his shoulders, Kendrick attempted Sliced Bread but he fell off. Suplex by Aries on Shelley. Aries takes Kendrick off the apron. Aries hits a drop kick on Shelley. He follows it with a brainbuster suplex for a two count. Kendrick makes the save.

Out of nowhere Kendrick hits Sliced Bread on Shelley and follows it with the pinfall.

Winner & still X Division Champion, Brian Kendrick


Jeremy Borash is with Tara and Miss Tessmacher. They cut a promo about their upcoming match.

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