Jeremy Borash is with Tara and Miss Tessmacher, who say that it's become personal because of the way Sarita and Rosita jumped them in the parking lot. Tessmacher disfigured Sarita becuase she did what she had to do in the parking lot, and Tara says no matter what, they're leaving the ring with the title.

Knockouts Tag Team Title Match
Tara & Ms. Tessmacher (c) vs. Rosita & Sarita

It's Tara and Rosita working in the ring. Rosita hits a hurricanrana on Tara but walks into a boot off a counter. Rosita rolls Tara out of the ring and gets involved with Miss Tessmacher. Rosita finally tags in Sarita.

Lots of tagging by the women of Mexican America. Miss Tessmacher and Sarita. Tessmacher tags in Tara and she goes after Sarita, bringing her down to the mat. Rosita gets in and makes the save.

Tara and Sarita are in the ring with Miss Tessmacher wanting a tag. Rosita is lurking on the outside. She pulls Tessmacher off the apron. Rosita gets on the apron and kicks Tara in the face. Sarita throws Tara down and tags in Sarita.

Tara and Rosita are the legal Knockouts. Tara attempts Widow's Peak but Rosita rolls through and has leverage from Sarita from the apron. They break it up and Tara ends up press slamming Rosita. Rosita counters and goes to make tag but Miss Tessmacher throws Sarita off the apron.

Back in the ring, Tara hits Widow's Peak on Rosita and follows it with the pinfall.

Winners & still Knockout Tag Team Champions, Tara & Miss Tessmacher

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