We go backstage with Rob Van Dam and JB. RVD says he's going to beat Crimson tonight and take the #1 spot in the BFG Series, showing Crimson he isn't un-defeatable. Jerry Lynn walks up and is going to be in RVD's corner to watch his back tonight. Lynn says he and RVD go way back and nothing can break their bond. RVD says cool, whatever, and follows Lynn off.

- We see a video package recapping the Winter & Angelina vs Mickie James feud leading into tonight's title match.

Knockouts Title Match
Mickie James (c) vs. Winter w/Angelina Love

Winter immediately tries rolling up Mickie James. She kicks out quick. Mickie gets Winter on the mat and works on her lower body in a submission hold. Winter rolls to the apron but kicks Mickie when she walks over. Winter pushes Mickie into the turnbuckle. Lots of standing switches but Mickie gets a quick two count.

Winter lands a knee to the face of Mickie James. She goes for a slam but Mickie counters and lands a dropkick to Winter's knee. Two count for Mickie. Winter rolls out the ring to regroup. Mickie goes to the outside to give chase. Angelina Love ends up providing a distraction for Winter as she takes Mickie out over the rail.

Winter gets back in the ring while Mickie is still out on the crowd side of the steel barricade. Mickie gets back to ringside but is greeted by a kick from Angelina Love. Winter goes to the outside and gets Mickie. She gets a two count. Winter locks in a submission hold in on Mickie James.

Mickie counters and gets a two count. Winter counters and gets back in control of the match. She grabs Mickie by her hair and hits a backbreaker. Winter has Mickie draped over her knee. She wrenches down on the hold but Mickie counters with knee shots to the Challenger's head.

Mickie is out and countering and hits a head scissors takeover on Winter. Mickie lands more offense and picks Winter up and face plants her on the mat. Mickie goes off the top rope and lands a Thez press. Angelina Love comes and hits BAB on Mickie with the referee distracted by Winter. Winter only gets a two count.

Mickie counters on Winter, locking in a back bridge pin but only gets a two count. Winter goes back on the offensive, setting Mickie on the top rope. Mickie hits a tornado DDT on Winter, sending Winter to the outside. Angelina goes for the BAB again on Mickie but Mickie counters and hits a neckbreaker, sending her to the outside. Mickie goes out and gets Winter and rolls her back into the ring. Winter spits some type of red mist in the eyes of Mickie James, giving her the chance to pin Mickie and win the title.

Winner & new Knockouts Champion, Winter

After the match, Winter and Angelina celebrate. Hebner checks on Mickie, who is screaming that she can't see. Her face is covered in something red. Trainers run down to check on Mickie as the new champion heads up the ramp.

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