TNA Hardcore Justice Results - New Champion Crowned ... Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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Back in the ring, it's Gunner and Daniels. Gunner applies a rear chinlock on Daniels. Daniels gets back to his feet but Gunner hits a suplex and gets a cover. Gunner tags in Steiner. Steiner goes to work on Daniels, putting him in the corner and chopping away. Steiner tags in Abyss. They double-team Daniels in the Immortal corner. Abyss throws Daniels into the corner and goes for the chokeslam. Daniels rolls through and tags in Kazarian. Hurricanrana from Kazarian on Abyss. Kaz hits lots of offense on Abyss and gets a quick cover. Gunner makes the save. Kaz nearly falls out of the ring but ends up sending Gunner to the outside. Kaz is working quick and lands a DDT on Abyss.

AJ Styles pulls down the top rope, allowing Kazarian to dive to the outside. The match has broken down and gone to the outside. Both teams are fighting it out on the outside. Kazarian rolls Abyss back into the ring. Steiner throws Kazarian off the apron as he tries to get back in. Gunner and Steiner get a table from under the ring. Referee Brian Hebner gets Abyss and Kazarian back in the ring. Abyss scares Hebner out of the ring but he gets back into watch Abyss go to town on his opponent. Abyss tags in Steiner. Steiner chops away on Kazarian and hits a Steiner line followed by an elbow drop.

Gunner is tagged in and hits a snap suplex on Kazarian for a two count. Right hands from Kazarian in a counter. Gunner counters with an elbow and a two count. Abyss is tagged in for Immortal. Abyss hammers away with right hands on Kazarian. DDT from Kazarian onto Abyss in a counter. Both men are down and need tags. Kaz tags in Styles and AJ cuts off a tag attempt by Abyss. Gunner gets in the ring but he eats a hammerlock suplex from AJ. It's AJ versus Immortal as he lands offense on everyone. Springboard cross-body from AJ to Abyss for a two count. Steiner makes the save. Now AJ attempts the Styles Clash on Abyss but Abyss counters to a chokeslam. AJ counters and nearly rolls up Abyss. Pelee kick on Abyss but Gunner makes the save. Kazarian gets in and takes out Gunner.

The match completely breaks down with offense all over the place. Styles is still working with Abyss. Styles goes to the top rope but Gunner knocks him off. Gunner sets up the table ion the outside. Kazarian, Abyss, and the referee are working as Gunner puts Daniels through a table on the outside. AJ Styles springs back into the ring, hitting a Pelee/moonsault combination on Abyss to get the pinfall victory.

Winners, Fortune

After the match, Gunner and Steiner are upset at Abyss. There's a lot of yelling and finger pointing but no physical contact as Steiner and Gunner leave Abyss in the ring.


JB is with Bully Ray. Bully Ray agrees with Mr. Anderson there's only room for one a-hole in Immortal. It's him. He said everyone makes mistakes, he made a mistake by carrying around 'that sack of crap' Devon around for all those years. He said JB's parents made a mistake when they decided to have him and Hogan and Bischoff made a mistake when they allowed Anderson in Immortal, and he's going to correct that when he beats Anderson down really bad right here and now, and the last face Anderson's going to see is his.

- We see a video package recapping the Anderson vs. Bully Ray feud leading into tonight's match.

Challenge Match
Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray

Out first comes Bully Ray. Mr. Anderson is out next and stops to do his introduction on the ramp. Bully Ray appears behind Anderson. Anderson acknowledges this and turns around to start beating Ray up. They brawl on the stage with Anderson mostly in control. The fight makes its way down to ringside. Ray rakes Anderson in the eyes and slams him into the apron. Anderson turns it around, still brawling at ringside. Anderson slams Ray hard into the apron and then face-first into the steel steps.

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