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Ring of Honor's Kevin Kelly was one of the featured guests on this week's edition of Monday Night Mayhem. Here are some interview highlights courtesy of Paterson, MNM's associate producer & official correspondent:

Why we (along with Roderick Strong) are now going to be seeing a "different" & "better" Davey Richards, beginning this Saturday night in Chicago: "It's Davey Richards & Roderick Strong for the ROH World Championship. If you look at what Roderick has done in his career, he & Davey have fought many times before, and Davey has never beaten him for a title. Roderick has controlled the pace of title matches before. Davey was 'picture perfect' against Eddie Edwards in capturing the gold at Best in the World. Will he be able to duplicate that again? How hungry is Roderick Strong to get back the title he held for 160 days? Those are the questions, but what I think Roddy will find is that this is a different Davey Richards...and a better Davey Richards."

His reaction to Jay Lethal officially signing with Ring of Honor & a personal message to Eric Bischoff for making this possible for ROH: "When you're a company like Ring of Honor, you have build with depth, and you have to build with youth. To me, there is no other available wrestler out there who adds much-needed depth & youthful experience than Jay Lethal. The last time he competed in Ring of Honor, he was a 21-year-old kid. Now, he's a 26-year-old man. What a great opportunity this is. I'll tell you what: I continue to thank your frequent guest on this program, Eric Bischoff. When he was in WCW, we (the WWE) thanked him for Chris Jericho, we thanked him for The Radicalz. Now that he's in TNA, we (Ring of Honor) thank him for Jay Lethal. It's like Christmas come early. Thank you Eric Bischoff for your benevolence."

What he believes fans can expect when watching ROH on the Sinclair Broadcast Group beginning on 9.24.11: "I think everything that made Ring of Honor great, Nothing's going to change. The things that needed improvement, maybe just some cosmetic things, will look a little bit better. Everything's got a fresh coat of paint of it and spruced up for television. That's really all that's different. I think the TV show is going to be a great vehicle to introduce fans to Ring of Honor, but at the same time, provide a level of comfort to the existing fans, because everything is going to continue from where it left off. Storylines, the build to different matches, will continue. The champions are all the same. Their key rivals are all the same."

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