**SPOILERS** Complete ROH TV Taping Results

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Credit: Mike Johnson and Pwinsider.com

The taping began with Jim Cornette coming to the ring and thanking everyone for reminding him of something that he had forgotten - that Chicago kicks some ass. Cornette said that he wanted to tell them why he picked Chicago for their first TV Taping. He said that Chicago has been a Ring of Honor town for years and has supported the company through thick and thin. He said that he wanted to show everyone what Chicago has known all along - that ROH is the best live wrestling experience in the world.

Cornette said that he wanted to clarify something he said the last time he was here. He said that everyone will be able to watch the TV show online for free on the revamped ROH Wrestling website. The place popped huge for that. That was the first planned surprise.

Cornette asked everyone not to become a mob. He said that they have to help him out - he wanted the entire world to see that not only ROH is about the wrestlers and the matches, but it's about the people. He said that they've mic'd the entire building and cameras will be shooting them and interviewing fans. He said that they love the signs and cheers and boos and asked them to do it like they always did it for ROH. He then pointed out that they are going to be on broadcast TV and asked the fans to keep the chants TV friendly. He got booed for that. He thanked everyone and wished them a good time. Everyone chanted for Cornette.

Kevin Kelly was introduced.

Tony Kozina vs. Grizzy Redwood

This is a dark match so the production crew has test everything. They locked up and Kozina forced Redwood into the corner. He worked over Redwood who leapfrogged him and nailed an enziguiri. Redwood unloaded with chops in the corner. Kozina cut him off and draped Redwood over the ropes, nailing him across the back with a running dropkick.

Kozina continued the beating until being caught with a bulldog for a two count. Redwood nailed him with a clothesline for another two count. Kozina cut him off and worked Redwood over in the ropes until missing a charge, sailing through the ropes to the floor.

Redwood unloaded with punches and backdrops before raining down with punches in the corner. Kozina avoided a charge in the corner but was caught with a rana into the buckles. Redwood nailed a dropkick in the corner for a two count.

Redwood pulled down his straps and went to the top but was caught with a slap to the face as he played to the audience. Kozina nailed a top rope rana but Redwood rolled through and scored the pin.

Your winner, Grizzly Redwood!

Kevin Kelly entered the ring and they counted down for the first TV opening.

Kelly welcomed everyone to the first episode and announced the ROH Tag Team titles would be on the line in the main event, but before that, he wanted to introduce everyone to his broadcast partner. Kelly's mic died, so the crowd began chanting, "This is awkward." That's pretty funny. There was a chant for CM Punk? and then a much louder chant for Colt Cabana. They resolved the house mic issues. Kelly said that he hoped everyone enjoyed that as much as he did, because they are going to do it again. So, they shot it again and the crowd was even louder this time.

Kelly welcomed everyone to the first episode and announced the ROH Tag Team titles would be on the line in the main event, but before that, he wanted to introduce everyone to his broadcast partner. Out came former ROH champion Nigel McGuinness. The place went ballistic for Nigel's return. When he hit the ring, a ton of streamers were tossed. The crowd chanted, "Welcome back." Kelly said it was great to see Nigel back in ROH. McGuinness said that being back was "bloody awesome." He said there would be no Nigel without Ring of Honor and when he heard ROH was going on broadcast TV, he knew he had to be a part of it. He said he's not here to be the focus of the show because that should be the wrestlers who kill themselves for the fans every night in Ring of Honor.

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