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Wade Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan

Bryan got a good amount of offense in early. At one point, he plowed Barrett in the corner with a drop kick for a two count. He then stretched Barrett out, and even hit a double leg Indian death lock and a kick for another two count.

Barrett turned the tide with a sidewalk slam for a two count. Later in the match he nailed Bryan with a boot to the head while Bryan was on the apron, sending him to the outside floor. Barrett brought him back in the ring for a two count.

Bryan turned the tide moments later, nailing Barrett with a dropkick while Barrett was on the apron, sending him to the arena floor. Barrett followed with with a flying knee to the face from the apron. Bryan got Barrett back in the ring and climbed to the top rope and hit a dropkick for a two count.

Bryan nailed Barrett with a series of stiff kicks to the chest, followed by a kick to the head for another two count. Bryan missed a charge in the corner and was nailed with a boot to the head. Barrett then went for Wasteland, but Bryan punched his way out and transitioned from a guillotine to the Lebell lock, but Barrett made the ropes. Bryan got Barret on the top rope and went to the top, but Barrett pushed him off crotch first on the top. Barrett followed up with a huge clothesline and then hit Wasteland to get the win. Strong match, hurt by the lack of crowd reaction.

Wade Barrett pinned Daniel Bryan.

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