Another Set Of More Detailed WWE SummerSlam Results

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Event: WWE SummerSlam Pay-Per-View
Airdate: Sunday, August 14th, 2011 (Pay-Per-View)
Location: The STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, CA.

Pre Show:

- Christian gets interviewed by Josh Matthews during the pre-show. Christian criticizes the 'experts' saying he'll lose the match tonight against Randy Orton. He says he's no stranger to gimmick matches, he's the master of ladder matches. He says if anything, Orton's at a disadvantage because he can't control his temper, and Christian will exploit that, and prove he's the World Champion. He says tonight the voices in Orton's head will say he got beat by the best, he was beat by Christian.

- Sheamus gets a bit of promo time to discuss his match with Mark Henry. He says at SummerSlam, Henry won't be able to run away. Sheamus says bigger isn't better, better is better.

Dark Match:

WWE United States Champion Dolph Ziggler beat Alex Riley in a dark match prior to tonight's WWE SummerSlam

WWE SummerSlam Opener:

- We go right into the arena for Justin Roberts to introduce Adam Jude (?) from the band Tool to perform the National Anthem.

- Adam does a good job with an instrumental guitar piece, with a few flourishes. It has nothing on Hendrix's version from Woodstock, but it gets the crowd cheering a bit, and it's topped off with some quick fireworks.

This transitions us into a video package highlighting Los Angeles, and of course SummerSlam itself, as the biggest event of the summer. We also get a prominent look at the Punk/Cena match coming up later in the night.

- The pyro hits again, much bigger this time, and Michael Cole welcomes us to the PPV. Cole hypes the sold out crowd at the Staples Center, and The Miz's music hits, he makes his way out through his inflatable 'Awesome' set.

In the Arena:

Miz has a mic in hand and he says he's returned to SummerSlam. He says he wants to take this time to thank everyone for their insitence that he competes tonight, and their unwavering support. So he wants everyone to watch while he steals the show, but he's interrupted by the Truth. Truth says he doesn't know why Miz wants to thank the people in LA. You know how Truth doesn't like spiders, spiders starts with the letter S. And so does SummerSlam. And singing at SummerSlam will be Ceelo Green, and Conspiracy starts with C. He's in turn interrupted by Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio drives out in a beautiful Ferrari, and he's introduced by Ricardo Rodriegez of course. Del Rio comes down to the ring with his Money in the Bank briefcase in hand. Del Rio poses for the crowd for a bit, and the crowd actually chants his name. Kofi Kingston is the next man out to the entrance ramp, and he gets a good pop, looks like this will be a six man tag.

John Morrison is the next man out to the ring, and he gets a decent reaction. Morrison gives his sunglasses to a kid on the way to the ring. Rey Mysterio is the third man announced for his team and he gets a great reaction from his hometown crowd.

Alberto Del Rio, The Miz and R-Truth vs. Kofi Kingston, John Morrison and Rey Mysterio

Kingston and Miz look to start things out for their respective teams. We get a lock up to kick things off and Miz locks in a head lock. Kingston is quick to fight out of it and lock in a head lock of his own. Miz pushes him off but goes down to a shoulderblock, then a monkey flip, and then a dropkick. Morrison tags in, and the two pick Miz up and drop him down stomach first to the mat. Morrison hits a big leg drop on Miz and goes for the pin, but Miz kicks out. Miz is able to tag in R-Truth, and Morrison takes him down with a series of punches before taking him to the corner, slamming his head into the turnbuckle and hitting a big springboard kick. Truth is able to catch Morrison with a quick shot and a couple of big kicks to the gut but he walks into a kick to the face. Morrison goes up to the top but he's pushed to the floor by Miz.

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