WWE RAW Results - Mysterio Vs. Del Rio, Nash Promo... Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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Show opens with a recap of the ending of last night's PPV. Triple H's music hits and he heads to the ring. Triple H apologizes to the WWE Universe and John Cena and said that he made a mistake because John Cena's foot was on the bottom rope when he made the three count, and he said he'll look Cena in the eye later tonight and apologize. He said that he had no problem raising the hand of the new champion, CM Punk. He said he had nothing to do with Kevin Nash, although admitted to being friends with Nash for many years and said that he simply hooked him up with tickets. He said he didn't know Nash would attack Punk, and he invited Nash to come tonight and he agreed as long as he can tell the truth.

HHH brings up Alberto Del Rio and says he didn't know anything about it, but that's how MITB works. He said that he promised there would only be one champ after SummerSlam, and here he is. Alberto Del Rio's music hits and he heads to the ring with the belt draped over his shoulder.

Del Rio said it wasn't his intention to cash in last night, but it was his destiny and he was born to be great. Del Rio says he wants to be their champion, and will sign autographs and take pictures with the kids, and he'll be the people's champion. He says he'll defend against Mysterio tonight and says that he loves Mysterio and beating him. He says he started his WWE career by beating Mysterio and he'll do it tonight. He says after tonight, he'll be everyone's hero and not Mysterio. On commentary, Jerry Lawler doubts that Triple H didn't know anything about Kevin Nash.

Backstage, HHH walks into Cena's dressing room as we head to commercial.

R-Truth comes out and he has his old music back again, without the lyrics. He'll be facing John Morrison in a falls count anywhere match. Jim Ross points out that Morrison needs a win since Truth has been on a roll and Morrison hasn't.

R-Truth vs. John Morrison

Really good match between these two that went all over the ringside area. Truth dominated most of the match. Interesting spot for the finish where Truth brought a chair. Morrison suplexed Truth onto a chair and then nailed him with a flying kick, and Morrison got the pin outside of the ring.

CM Punk is shown walking in the back as we head to break.

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