Thanks to Brent McClintock for sending in these notes from last night's RAW:

I was at WWE Raw last night and after Raw went off the air, Alberto Del Rio and his ring announcer/manager Ricardo Rodriguez were headed up the ramp when CM Punk's music hit.

Both Del Rio and Rodriguez retreated to the ring only to be stuck between John Cena and Punk. Del Rio received a GTS from Punk followed by an Attitude Adjustment from Cena. Rodriguez then begged Cena and Punk to hand over the WWE Championship. Punk and Cena began to toss the title between each other as Rodriguez would attempt to intercept, but fail miserably.

At one point, John Cena used the WWE Title in a "bullfight" with Rodriguez being the bull. Every time Rodriguez would reach for the title and not get it, the crowd yelled ole! Rodriguez gave up, and was also given a GTS from Punk and Attitude Adjustment from Cena. Once he cleared the ring, both John Cena and CM Punk did a pose off with the WWE Championship.

It was very similar to what they did when both men held the belt. Cena received a lot of cheers mixed with boos while Punk received a huge pop. They did 3 poses each with the title, then Cena left the ring. Punk left and the ring announcer thanked the crowd for coming.

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