As noted earlier, Johnny Swinger, who performed for WWE in 2005 and 2006, appeared on Right After Wrestling with Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas. Some more highlights from the interview are as follows:

Working on 'death-tours' in northern Canada: "It was usually in Manitoba. We used to drive over these frozen lakes in the Winter to these reserves. It was the only way to get there. I saw -60 degree Celsius weather and it was always tough. But it was always the true test of your passion to go on those tours because some people would go on those tours and never wanna wrestle again. I never heard of any other tour that was worse than those. It was just below human standard. Anybody could easily die on those tours out there. I remember we crashed the ring-van out there one time and we were terrified because we had no contact to anybody and we didn't even know where we were."

A character he created for WWE that he never got to use: "I sidestepped creative and went straight to Vince. I asked for just a moment of his time and I laid out this character where I was a hermaphrodite and I would wrestle in both the male and female division. I would do a program with Trish Stratus and win the the Women's title then go against Cena. I had angles written to go against Trish, Kane and Cena. I wanted to go to the top. I wasn't going to pitch an idea to wrestle the first match of the night. I wanted to make money and be in the main event. I own the character...I have a patent for it so if it used on TV, I'll get paid either way."

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