Source: WrestleZone

According to WrestleZone, close sources are saying that it was very chaotic backstage at RAW last night in regards to the Nash/Punk/HHH/Steph/etc. storyline and decisions weren't made until last minute.

One source told the site that the Punk/Kevin Nash promo was very unscripted. "Those two were working without a net out there," the source said, "and the jabs they took at each other were not planned beforehand."

Apparently WWE has yet to decide which direction to take the storyline. "They have five ways they can go with this thing," said a WWE writer, "and it's still unclear which one they're going to choose." The obvious options are Triple H, Stephanie, Johnny Ace and Vince, but WWE has often not gone with the obvious choice.

As for Nash, "Big Sexy" is signed to a "Legends" contract, but there is no word on if he's signed -- or been offered -- a new deal.

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