-- BoxingScene.com posted an article about a fight between Monte Barrett and David Tua (nephew of Afa the Wild Samoan) being featured at Wrestlemania in Miami next year. Barrett claimed that he was in contact with John Cena who was talking with WWE's talent department about it.

-- In an interesting bit of trivia, Alberto Del Rio won the WWE Title almost exactly a year after he debuted. He made his first television appearance at the Smackdown tapings on August 17 (which aired August 20). Both shows were in Bakersfield.

-- Mattel is launching a "Build A Figure" for the WWE toy line in 2012. Each figure will come with a piece of the "Building" figure. If you collect them all, you get a new, bigger action figure. Other toy lines for Star Wars and Marvel have had similar lines.

-- Ringside Collectibles is holding a facebook contest, giving away the CM Punk Straight Edge Society prop mask that was used for their Straight Edge Society CM Punk figure.

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