The Godwinns Talk WWE Run, Hating Ric Flair, Sunny, HHH, CM Punk & More

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Spec_Sun from the message board asked about their run as Southern Justice and should they have won the titles? Thoughts on Jeff Jarrett popped up at this point, as did kind words about Jeff's departed wife. Both guys had nothing bad to say about Jeff or his family. Jack asked if they had any thoughts of working in TNA, but The Godwinns said they were too beat up to work again.

Thoughts on CM Punk: I believe Dennis had given Punk proper respect for being a hard worker and a real wrestler. He said the night of this last PPV, Summer Slam, he texted Punk before the show, and Punk texted him back. He didn't like to do this but he compared Punk to Steve Austin, said he was a great worker and very respectful. Both guys said he has paid in dues. The Godwinns mention they will have a shoot interview coming soon, and Mark mentions that they will lay it all out on the line for this shoot and tell some pretty interesting stories about the business and their lives. September 17th is the date they will do the shoot.

Gene the Drunk called in, touting the slop match with HHH as the best match he has ever seen. The Godwinns said that Vince McMahon gave them a lot of praise following that match as well. Back on the shoot interview Mark mentions he has 21 years of stuff to get off his chest and he won't hold anything back. Dennis chimed in with the fact that he did not hate anyone in the business except one guy, Ric Flair.

When they first started in WCW, Barry Windham asked them if they wanted to tour with him (to the next town? on the road?), and no one had a problem with them, but Ric Flair would always be a dick, especially to Dennis, and ask them to leave the room because of Horsemen business. Dennis said that Flair wasn't too bad to Mark, but Mark had his own story about the Horsemen. They traveled the road with Double A and Pee Wee (Randy Anderson?), and Arn said they were too good at making others look good, and basically soon, WCW was letting people go, and all of Flair's buddies did not get terminated. But Dennis and Mark both were happy because they felt their WWF run was awesome, and they would not have had their moment in Madison Square Garden and winning the title. That was also the same night Razor and Nash left the company and had that hug-in with the Clique in the ring. The Godwinns felt that this was disrespectful to the WWF and the boys. They mentioned how some guys got preferential treatment and how there were nights they had to put "world champions" to bed in the hotel because they were too intoxicated to even undress. No names were mentioned, wink wink.

Did the Godwinns ever get in trouble or have to face "wrestler's court"? No. They never did much to warrant trouble.

What was Yokozuna like as a person? He was awesome, in the ring and out, and he would invite them to huge barbecues where he lived in California and they always felt invited and comfortable around his family.

What did Mark think of Naked Mideon? He didn't know what to think. Dennis said it was partly Kurt Angle's idea. Dennis ribbed everyone when they asked for people to come out for a meet and greet and he showed up naked with just a fanny-pack. The next day Vince asked him to do it and it became a part of the show. Dennis was happy he didn't have to wrestle for 6-8 months, but just run to the ring naked.

You can listen to the interview at by clicking here.

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