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-- Here are the latest updates for the WWE Classics OnDemand service…

The Big Events:
Extreme Rules 2011

Classics Rewind:
Legends of Wrestling Roundtable: Historic Outdoor events

WWF Supertape Vol 1

TV Classics:
Extreme Championship Wrestling 11/4/97
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 7/28/82
Prime Time Wrestling 5/1/89

-- Here is a list of wrestling related films on Netflix:

The Almighty Thor - SyFy movie based on the Norse Gods, featuring Kevin Nash playing Thor's father Odin.

The Backyard - Paul Hough's great 2002 documentary on the world of backyard wrestling, which won a number of film festival awards. Rob Van Dam is featured in the film as well.

Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia - The WWE Studios film starring Ken Anderson/Kennedy.

Below The Belt - The 1980 film starring Regina Baff as Rosa Rubinsky, a waitress who enters the world of professional wrestling. The film features the legendary Mildred Burke, playing herself, as Rubinsky's trainer.

Beyond the Mat - Barry Blaustein's excellent 1999 documentary looking inside professional wrestling, focusing on Mick Foley, Terry Funk, Jake Roberts, WWF and ECW.

The Big Show: A Giant's Life - WWE's new 59-minute documentary on the former WWF and WCW World champion.

Blind Eye - 2006 thriller featuring Roddy Piper in a supporting role.

Bobby "The Brain" Heenan - WWE's documentary on the Hall of Fame manager.

Bodyslam The Movie - The infamous 1986 comedy starring Dirk Benedict as a manager of a down and out metal band and a down and out tag team (played by Roddy Piper and The Tonga Kid) who merges the two to create a rock and wrestling connection. Captain Lou Albano and The Wild Samoans play the lead heels in the film, which also features cameos from Ric Flair, Bruno Sammartino and others.

Breaking the Code: Chris Jericho - WWE's documentary on Jericho's wrestling career.

Bret Hart: Wrestling with Shadows - The 1998 documentary on Bret Hart and Montreal.

The Bronx Bunny Show - Pretty wacky talk show, including episodes where Chris Jericho and Stacy Keibler are interviewed.

The Chaperone - WWE's Triple H comedy.

Dark Rising - 2007 horror film starring WWE star Christian under his given name Jason Reso. "When Jason Parks (Landy Cannon) invites his friends and ex-girlfriend on a camping trip with the hopes of reuniting with her, it becomes the outing from hell, as an otherworld portal opens for a long-missing girl, who's now a battle-ax-wielding woman. Not only will Jason discover that his ex, Jasmine (Vanessa James), and friend Marlene (Haley Shannon) are a twosome, but also that the bikini-clad warrior woman has demons on her trail."

Dead Tides - Roddy Piper stars in this 1997 crime drama as a boat captain Mick, who falls in live with the wife of a drug lord who tricks him into smuggling drugs. When the DEA finds what he's been doing, he's forced to go undercover.

Death Racers - "Four hyped-up teams of contestants compete to win a violent race in this action-packed sci-fi flick. Living in a grim future world in which life is cheap, the racers will do anything to win. Even killing competitors off while pushing their vehicles to go the distance is not against the rules -- and is probably the only way to prevail. Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope of Insane Clown Posse star, along with former WWE star Raven."

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