Jim Ross has been answering numerous fan questions via Twitter today. Here are some of his responses:

  • Mike Chioda's Suspension: "No idea. Why is this info people need to know. I don't think a ref would use steroids. Don't know. None of my biz."

  • Matt Hardy's WWE Return: "Not my call but a guess would be not likely."

  • Vince's Rehab Offer To The Hardy's: "How do u know he hasn't?"

  • Best Tag-Team Rivalry: "Brisco Brothers vs Funks."

  • Scariest Match He's Ever Called: "Easy...Owen Hart's untimely death."

  • Issues w/ Michael Cole: "None whatsoever."

  • Chris Benoit To WWE Hall of Fame: "IMO, no."

  • 'Taker's WrestleMania Streak: "Said many times, don't think Taker ever loses @ WM." Ditto JR!

  • CM Punk/Chris Jericho Feud: "Would be money."

  • WWE Tag-Team Division: "Under performing."

  • Kevin Nash's WWE Role: "TBD...don't know...stay tuned."

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