WWE RAW Results - Cena Faces Punk, Nash, HHH... Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio to open the show. A replay is shown of Del Rio attacking Mysterio last week and it's noted that he'll be out for several months. Del Rio takes the mic, but before he can say anything, John Cena's music hits and he heads to the ring. Cena introduces himself to Del Rio to a round of boos from the crowd. He says he's going to take the championship from Del Rio and that he was going to hurt him. Cena says that there is only one person that can toe to toe with him, and it's CM Punk. Cena says he's going to whip Del Rio's ass, and Punk's music hits.

Punk hits the ring as the crows chants "CM Punk." Punk says he's feeling deja vu and that this is a re-run with Cena wanting a title match. Punk noted that he beat Cena twice in "high pressure situations." Punk said that if anyone is getting a title shot, then it's him. Cena and Punk start going back and forth and Del Rio interrupts. Cena calls him "Captain Third Wheel." Del Rio reminds them that he's the champion.

Punk tells Del Rio not to interrupt him and he doesn't fault Del Rio for winning the title, but he has a problem with Del Rio, HHH, Nash and maybe even Jack Tunney trying to screw him. Punk noted that both he and Cena had problems with Triple H in the past, and Punk noted that he insulted Stephanie to her face at SummerSlam. Punk said that Cena would have gotten screwed if he won at SummerSlam, and that someone wants Del Rio to be champ. Del Rio said it was his destiny, and Punk said it was his destiny to cash in his rematch clause for the title. Cena said he would cash his rematch clause in tonight. Punk said it didn't exist. As Cena and Punk went back and forth, Del Rio said it's his time, and he's ignoring both of them. Del Rio said he's going to celebrate, but not here in front of the Canadian fans. He told Punk to stop crying like a little girl. Triple H's music hit.

Triple H asks Del Rio to take the smug look off of his face and tells him that he has a match next. Triple H says that you can't just cash in a rematch clause when you feel like it, and it's up to him to decide when it happens. Triple H announces Punk vs. Cena for tonight, with the winner facing Del Rio at Night of Champions. Time for commercial.

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