WWE RAW Results - Cena Faces Punk, Nash, HHH... Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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Back from break, and Del Rio is in the ring, and he's facing John Morrison.

Alberto Del Rio vs. John Morrison

Del Rio beat Morrison clean with the cross arm breaker in a good match. After the match, Del Rio applied the arm-breaker on Morrison outside of the ring for several moments before releasing the hold. Kelly Kelly is backstage with Eve, and it's announced that Brie Bella will face Eve after the break.

Eve (w/ Kelly Kelly) vs. Brie Bella (w/ Nikki Bella)

There is a promo insert by Beth Phoenix and Natalya who said that they're not going to reveal what they want. Eve neat Brie clean with a neckbreaker. After the match, Kelly acted heelish and dropped a rocker-dropper on Nikki without ever being provoked. Phoenix and Natalya walk on the ramp and applaud as Kelly and Eve look on from inside the ring.

Kevin Nash is shown backstage walking to the ring.

A replay of Dolph Ziggler stomping on JR's hat last week is shown.

Vickie Guerrero is introduces, and she introduces Jack Swagger. She walks to the ring arm-in-arm with Swagger, who will face Alex Riley.

Jack Swagger vs. Alex Riley

Ziggler comes to ringside during the match and starts arguing with her, saying that she doesn't need any other clients. Ziggler accidentally shoves Guerrero. Jack Swagger comes outside and gets in Ziggler's face. Swagger gets back in the ring, and Ryder rolled him up to pin him clean. Ziggler and Guerrero argued all the way to the back while an agitated Swagger looked on asking where she was going.

Triple H was shown finishing up a call backstage and then started heading to the ring.

Triple H's music hits and he heads to the ring. Triple H said he and Nash spoke earlier and everything's good between them, but invites him to the ring anyway. Nash heads to the ring without any music and embraces HHH in the ring. HHH says that the text wasn't from him and wanted to make sure that everyone knows that. Nash says that he believes HHH. He says he was going to apologize to CM Punk, but is not going to after what Punk said to him. HHH told Nash that he doesn't work here. Nash says exactly, and says that he would have "killed" Punk last week and the security was for Punk. HHH told him to beat up Punk on his own time, and asks Nash to leave. CM Punk's music hits.

Punk says that he wants to clear this up and asks who sent the text, "Big Lazy" with the giant can of Just for Men, Triple H or Stephanie. Punk said that if he crossed the line, well, that's what he does. He says Nash should know about it since he's a "line-stepper too." A CM Punk chant broke out. Punk said he's done talking, and said that Nash got off easy last week and this week he's kicking his ass. Triple H tries to break it up, and Punk pushes him back and asks HHH what his problem with him is and asks who's really calling the shots, HHH, Nash or his beady-headed wife. Triple H said that he promised the board he wouldn't get involved, and that if Punk crosses the line with him, he'll leave him lying. He said that he wouldn't want Triple H to get his suit wrinkled, which he keeps in Stpehanie's purse along with his cell phone and his balls. Nash attacked Punk and landed several shots and left the ring with HHH. Punk sat on the mat and smiled.

Kingston and Bourne vs. Otunga and Mcgillicutty for the tag titles is next.

Backstage HHH is telling Nash that he can't put his hands on a Superstar and that he needs to leave. Nash tells HHH that he's changed and takes off.

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