Mick Foley sat down and spoke with Duane Doogan from WrestlingVoice earlier today talking about his raffle for RAINN, giving fans the chance to have him come and watch a WWE event with you, his comedy performances and whether or not he's spoken with WWE about a return, his UK tour and more. Here are some highlights:

On A WWE Return: "We've definitely been talking and it's just a matter of what's the best fit, how many days I feel like being gone. Unlike TNA, if you weren't on the show you weren't a value to the company... with WWE there is any number of things I could do, so we're just trying to find out what we want it to be and how big we want it to be.

On whether he has many more big matches left in him: "Maybe a couple more big matches, I'm starting to shed some of that extra weight so if and when I get that call I can have a good match, maybe not a great match but maybe I've got a couple more matches left in me."

You can listen to the full interview by clicking here.

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