Matt Hardy posted a video spoofing this past weekend's arrest. I'm not sure what more to say at this point, but you can check out the video at the end of this post.

Hardy was arrested for a DWI this past Saturday. We noted earlier that North Carolina state trooper B.J. Smith indicated that Hardy was not drunk, but "appeared to have taken some type of impairing substance" at the time of his crash and subsequent arrest. Hardy submitted to a blood test, results of which are currently pending.

TNA promptly terminated Matt Hardy's contract following the arrest, but hired back his brother Jeff shortly after. Matt had already been on suspension, reportedly due to tardiness at live events. He had not appeared for the organization since May 30.

Hardy is due to appear in court Sept. 28. Before the accident over the weekend, Hardy was also cited for reckless driving and is scheduled for another October 11th court date.

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