Axl Rotten Talks Problems With TNA, Flair Tarnishing His Legacy, Matt Hardy's Issues & More

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Let me put this out there right now...Raven; who is without a doubt one of the greatest performers to ever lace up a pair of boots in this business, not just as a wrestler but as a creative mind, as an intelligent human being should be right now running the WWE or TNA or helping to write a TV Show somewhere. Without question, it's our time now... it's our generation. But the problem is the last generation hasn't left yet. They're still there. This is the biggest carry-over I've ever seen in my life. Bruno Sammartino and Barry Windom stepped aside... these guys did it. This last generation of people are not stepping aside. If you ever had to step aside as a performer, as being involved in this business cause you love it, I love it too and I don't want to quit. But come on. These guys who are 15, 20, 30 years younger than us they deserve the time to shine now. I have no problem right now going on TNA laying down 1-2-3 for anybody if it's going to make them. If they thought by Abyss beating Axl Rotten in a Taipei Death Match, which I'm world-famous for, would make him better, I'd let him do it. Because that's my job. Pass the torch and show what this business is all about. Some respect for this business. What this business gave you, give back and then give it to the next guy. And these guys aren't doing that.

Flair and Hogan being caricatures of themselves:

When you become a caricature of yourself; and that's what Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair are. It almost like I'm watching Hulk Hogan PLAY Hulk Hogan and I'm watching Ric Flair PLAY Ric Flair. What they think the character is, they are now playing the character that they created. It's a multi-level thing that's very deep if you want to get into it intellectually. It has nothing to do with "heel/baby-faces," "marks," "good guy/bad guy". This is a multi-cultural intelligence level thing that these guys are now playing characters that they created. It's almost like they can't separate reality from fantasy. It's becoming a bit alarming on an intellectual level to watch that happen. Because unfortunately there comes a time where you got to let the next generation shine guys.

On Hardcore Justice and if he was "f'd up":

I call TNA -- like WCW Thunder was a bad version of Nitro -- this is a bad version of Thunder. Who was in charge [of Hardcore Justice]? It was simple for me, it was Tommy Dreamer because he had control on that pay-per-view. That's why it was fun.

Unfortunately there was a lot of rumors about me at that pay-per-view about how "Axl Rotten was all f'ed up!" I'm going to tell you what happened. I was in a car accident like a week or two before Hardcore Justice. My doctor told me to lay in bed. I was heavily medicated, I won't lie about that. I also had a concussion, but I knew that if I didn't show up or if I even told someone that, they would have pulled me off the show, they would have pulled Balls Mahoney off the show and I would have dropped the ball for all of us.

Now, I tell you this, Hardcore Justice wasn't the greatest pay-per-view of all time, but I watch it back several times and I'll tell you what, I did not drop the ball during my match. I watched it back several times and I'm the only guy in there that did hip-tosses, arm drags, wrestling moves in the entire match. I wasn't fighting with Jedi Knight Sticks. I did wrestling moves during my wrestling match. I did WRESTLING moves during my WRESTLING match. And it's no secret that that pay-per-view was the biggest bought TNA pay-per-view up until that point because that's what the people still want to see. They still give a crap about us. And just to clear the page, Axl Rotten was not suppose to even be in the ring that night. I refused to tell anyone because I didn't want to drop the ball for John Reckner, aka Balls Mahoney, who came out after the pay-per-view and blasted me telling the whole world how I was f'd up and that he'll never team with me again. I'll tell you what guys, if it wasn't for me, he wouldn't have had that tag team match on that pay-per-view because I didn't tell anyone I was hurt. I laced my boots up like I was taught to when I was 16 years old in this business, didn't cry a lick, taped it up, got in there and performed. I didn't have to use Jedi mind tricks on nobody i didn't use light-sabers, I was wrestling and that's what I was doing.

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