Report Of Mick Foley’s Comedy Gig In Long Island

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Report Of Mick Foley’s Comedy Gig In Long Island
Matt in Long Island sent this one in:

I attended Mick Foley's stand-up show in Bellmore, NY tonight, and they sat my wife and I directly next to the stage. The house was completely packed, some people were turned away at the door. The show was hosted by a local guy named Dan Barry who is apparently a comic and a wrestler. He was very good and got a great reaction. Next up was an Irish comic named Mick Thomas, who also was terrific. Then came Judah Friedlander?, who as always talked about how awesome he is and made fun of the audience (me included). He was very funny and cracked the whole crowd up. Finally came Mick Foley, who really was fantastic. For those interested, he directly alluded to wanting to work for WWE again during his set. Made fun of Al Snow quite a bit, and had a number of TNA jokes. A lot of non-wrestling material too. He really is a naturally funny guy and did a great set. I got to meet him and shake his hand afterwards, and he said he's been in contact with WWE about working a few dates in the future. He said he expects to be in the UK at the same time as WWE and hopes to work with them. Really nice guy, was friendly and patient with everyone.

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