CM Punk & Steve Austin In A Mini-Twitter War

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CM Punk & Steve Austin In A Mini-Twitter War
CM Punk and Steve Austin got fans riled up on Twitter this afternoon after the two went back and forth with some friendly banter.

Austin wrote to Zack Ryder that he shouldn't put a lime in a beer after Ryder talked about drinking Bud Light Lime. Punk replied that the lime is used "to make it not taste like piss" and that beer is "still poison."

Austin replied with the following remark: "you oughta mind your own business…stay focused on Nash and leave the beer drinking to me…Punk."

Punk replied to Austin with: "focus is my middle name…Steven."

Austin then ended the conversation with the following: "my middle name is Whoop Ass…now go about your business before you step in a big pile of what did I get myself into now??"


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