Thanks to reader Connor R for sending in these results from WWE's house show in Jackson, MS this past Friday:

* Mason Ryan def. Zack Ryder.

* Santino Marella def. Jack Swagger

* The Bella Twins stated that they run the divas division. Kelly Kelly and Eve invited them to prove it and defeated them in a tag match.

* R-Truth came out to huge boos and I expected Miz to follow him out for a tag match, but instead CM Punk's music hit and the crowd went nuts. CM Punk hit Truth with the GTS to win the match.

* After the intermission there was a triple threat match for the United States championship. Drew Mcintyre was introduced first, and the majority of the crowd didn't know if they were supposed to cheer him or boo him, probably due to his lack of TV time since being moved to Raw. Alex Riley and champion Dolph Ziggler were the other participants in the match, which ended with Ziggler pinning Riley to retain the title.

* Ted Dibiase came out to cheers for his match against John Morrison because he was announced as being from Madison, MS. They wrestled a face vs. face match in which Morrison pinned Dibiase with the Starship Pain.

After the match, Dibiase cut a promo saying he was glad to be home in Mississippi, and that of all the places he has wrestled, including at Wrestlemania, he loved wrestling at home in Mississippi the best. He also took time to spotlight his grandfather in the crowd, saying that it was the first time his grandfather had seen him wrestle live.

* The main event was the Miz vs John Cena. Miz pumped up Ted's promo before "Really?"-ing the crowd over and over and making fun of Mississippi. Then he said he noticed what John Cena said on Monday night about making "average look awesome" and said that Cena was obviously taking a shot at him. He mention beating Cena at Wrestlemania before accusing Cena of being jealous of him because Miz is the face of WWE now and Cena is not. He finished by saying that the Miz "Awesome" tee was replacing the red shirt of Cena's in crowds all over the world.

Cena finally came out to the ring, and after Cena threw his shirt into the crowd, Miz neatly folded his shirt and placed it on the turnbuckle. Cena grabbed Miz's shirt, and this begun a matador-bull game of keep-away between the two. Once the match got underway, Miz dominated the action until Cena's big comeback at the end. Cena eventually kicked out of a skull-crushing finale and beat the Miz to end the show.

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