WWE RAW Results (8/29) - Punk/Nash/HHH, & More!

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Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, August 29th, 2011 (USA Network)
Location: The BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Results by Colin Rinehart of Gerweck.net

"Yes, sir, we promised you a great main eventů"

-Colin is without electricity, so you have me tonight. Wish him well as the hurricane caused havoc where he is.

COO HHH makes his way to the ring to kick off the show. HHH says that it is his job to make sure that we give the fans the absolute best that the WWE has to offer at all times. To make sure that the company thrives and survives. Starting tonight, and for the future, you will not only get the superstars of Raw every Monday, but you will get the stars of Smackdown joining them. This is to create Raw's Supershow. That is the cool part of his job. But there are bad parts, like disrespect, people sending texts, faking car crashes, and unfortunately for him, most of the lies come from Nash, a close friend. Apparently Kevin is upset that HHH wouldn't allow him to be a man. Well Kev, you want to be a man, come to the ring, look him in the eye and tell him why you lied.

CM Punk now makes his way to the ring. Punk claps for HHH and grabs the mic. He says that was a great performance. He says that was Oscar caliber stuff. HHH asks what Punk wants, and Punk says to stop acting, stop lying, and tell the truth.

n.W.o music hits and here comes Kevin Nash. Nash says that yeah, yeah he lied. He had his driver call Johnny Ace and claim he was in a wreck, because HHH wouldn't let him take care of things. He tricked HHH. Nash had to get rid of HHH to make things right. Nash says Punk has been trying to make a fool out of him, but that is over. Nash claims Punk's insulting them both and Stephanie. So he asks HHH a question, what kind of man are YOU HHH? HHH stands there, and then says he is the man that does not expect to be lied to by his best friend. He wants to take what Nash says for the truth, but that doesn't work anymore. He cannot trust him anymore when it comes to business. Now, he asks him to leave, leave and this time, do not come back. Nash says he lied, but only about the accident, but not about the text. Also, last week, Johnny Ace, signed him to a very lucrative WWE contract. So, buddy old pal, if you are going to fire him, he has to do it in front of the audience. And no matter what, he will get paid. So, ball is in your court.

HHH says he will not fire him. But the lying stops now. No more. Punk acts like he is throwing up over the ring ropes and then at their feet. Family Guy style spoof here. Get it he is acting like he is sick, acting like them. He doesn't believe this crap. He says HHH is having Nash do his dirty work and also hired him back. Hey everyone, the KLIQ is back, WHOO HOO! Which is ironic, which is the noise (click) that the fans make when Nash walks on screen. Nash says since he is under contract, why don't they book the match everyone wants to see. The match Punk thinks he wants, Nash vs. Punk. Punk says they can do it at NOC, since Nash is a championship ass kisser. Punk says to check with your wife HHH. Punk says the wife runs the show anyway, ask her if it is ok. He accuse Steph of ordering the text and says HHH wears Steph's panties. PIPE BOMB. Punk and HHH stare down, and HHH says if he wants the match, fine, it is official for NOC. And as far as they go, he has two words for them, suck it.

As Nash and Punk stare down, Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. Orton faces Dolph Ziggler later tonight.

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