Source: PWInsider

WWE officials made the decision some time in the past week or so that Kevin Nash won't be wrestling for them. It's likely Nash will stick around for the time being and participate in the occasional angle but unless something changes, he won't be having a match. This is why CM Punk vs. Kevin Nash at Night of Champions was changed to Punk vs. Triple H. WWE knew going into RAW last night that Nash wouldn't be wrestling.

We reported last week that Nash recently went to Pittsburgh to do physicals for the company and something happened there that made them decide that they don't want Nash in the ring taking bumps and doing something as physical as a whole match. There is still some chance that Nash could end up wrestling but something happened after the physicals that has put a roadblack in front of Nash's return match.

The decision to put Triple H in the match with Punk wasn't made until yesterday afternoon. The original plans had Punk going over Nash at Night of Champions.

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