WWE SmackDown Results - Punk/HHH Contract Signing, Orton Vs. Christian... Sound Off

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An opening video hyping the Randy Orton vs. Christian and John Cena vs. Wade Barrett matches aired. Also hyped was tonight's contract signing between CM Punk and Triple H.

The SD! opening airs and we're off!

John Cena's music and he heads to the ring. He takes a mic and welcomes everyone to Super Smackdown. Cena makes a dig at the XFL being worse than the Shockmaster, and calls out Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio's music hits, but Ricardo Rodriguez comes out and enters the ring. He says he has a message for Cena, and that is that he will have to wait until Night of Champions for Del Rio. Rodriguez keeps yelling "Alberto Del Rio" until Cena tells him to "Shut up." Cena says he figured Del Rio wouldn't show up, but that he got him a gift, and proceeded to punch Rodriguez out of the ring. Wade Barrett's music hits and he comes to the stage.

Barrett jokes about how Cena just beat up a fat ring announcer and that Cena's trying to hijack the show. Barrett said that Del Rio might be running scared, but he requested the match with Cena and he plans to make Cena feel just as pathetic as he did when he was Barrett's personal slave. Cena told Barrett to not take his kindness for weakness and that he owes his some payback, and he's going to find out that payback's "a b---h." Barrett heads to the ring as we go to our first commercial.

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett

Cena pinned Barrett clean after hitting the AA in a short match.

Matt Striker interviewed Mark Henry backstage. Henry said that he doesn't care who wins the Christian - Orton match later tonight because either way, they will be a candidate for the "Hall of Pain." He sells how dangerous the cage match is, and says it's the same as facing him. He said that tonight's match is like flipping a coin -- heads or tails, you lose.

Sin Cara's music hit and he made his way to the ring. He entered the ring and we're off to commercial.

Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan

Cara defeated Bryan clean after hitting the splash/lionsault combo. Good match. After the match, Cara and Bryan shook hands. After Bryan shook his hand, Cara kicked Bryan in the face, turning heel.

Matt Striker interviewed Air Boom backstage who talked about how happy they are being champs, and they plan to ride the wave for as long as they can. Kofi Kingston talked about how he trusted Bourne more than anyone and how they can become one of the great teams of all time.

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