Source: MMA Weekly

Kurt Angle recently appeared on MMA Weekly Radio to discuss his role in the upcoming film Warrior -- which I am hearing great things about -- and once again stated that he was close to signing with the UFC, this time as recently as a few months ago.

"I actually contacted Dana White again after the movie," said Angle. "I flew out to meet him once and got a great offer. I contacted him again, I was thinking about dropping out of Impact wrestling, and there were some personal problems with my marriage and I just wanted to get away. I contacted Dana White, I flew out, and he had me take the UFC physical. I passed it, thank God, and he gave me the offer."

"The terms weren't good, I mean not for me, and the terms I gave him weren't good for him," Angle continued. "He wanted me ready in four-and-a-half weeks; I wanted three to six months. So I respect Dana White and I love him to death, very good friend. I knew I was capable of winning in four-and-a-half weeks, but I wanted to be at my best."

UFC President Dana White, who has been dealing with Angle's claims of joining the UFC for years now, took to his Twitter to respond, writing, "love Kurt, but not true."

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