Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- Alberto Del Rio's work visa has finally been cleared and he is already in Puerto Rico for WWE's house show this weekend.

-- Luke Gallows is the latest talent to join Jeff Katz's Wrestling Revolution. He joins Shawn Davari, MVP, Kenny Omega, Ken Doane, Sami Callihan, Colt Cabana, Alex Reynolds, Emil Sitoci and Dr. Luther as announced for the project. The show will be filmed in October, and will be distributed via Netflix and Hulu online. The series will also be released on DVD. "WRP is a 13-episode seasonal concept built on wrestling storytelling with a complete three act narrative structure. Cutting the cord completely from the modern wrestling industry chronology, it's the launch of a new universe with new characters and new rules. WRP aims to combine modern, relevant themes with compelling in-ring storytelling to create a unique wrestling television experience."

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