The Hell in a Cell match used to be a gimmick match to look forward to. The original epic battle between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker set the stage for future classics like Mankind's destruction at 1998 the King of the Ring and the Chris Jericho/Triple H encounter at Judgement Day 2002.

After two years of the exclusive Hell in a Cell pay per view event, it is obvious that WWE needs to step back and return to the glory days that the caged match provided. With five simple steps, the Hell in a Cell pay per view can be a huge success and become the marquee event that WWE fans look forward to every year.

Match Position

I find it highly annoying when a main event match opens a pay per view card. Part of the excitement is looking forward to the main feuds and starting off with a Hell in a Cell match just takes some of the magic away.

Even if you use a pointless filler match or promo between cell matches, keep them as main events because if the card position doesn't matter, then fans won't care either. At the 2009 event, CM Punk took on The Undertaker to open the show. It was so sudden, lost a lot of emotion and could have been a classic battle.


Make the Hell in a Cell matches more exciting. For example, hang a title front the center and make it a Ladder Hell in a Cell match. I'm not asking the writers to go all crazy and book a WCW Triple Cage Match or a TNA Electrified Cage Match, but simple stipulations like submissions or last man standing will add more in-ring psychology.


The idea of additional stipulations goes along with the competitors. In the two years of Hell in a Cell we have seen four singles matches and only one tag team Cell match.

A repeat of the Armageddon Hell in a Cell will peak fan interest along with other formats like a Triple Threat, Fatal Four Way or a Handicap Hell in a Cell Match. Even a mixed tag match with Divas could provide more entertainment than another singles encounter.

The Cell

In the past couple of years, the cell has not been used as a destructive weapon that opponents fear. It has merely become a blocking mechanism for fans and cameramen. The cell is there so use it. The PG rating may limit blood, but there are plenty of other creative options to make the cell an unofficial "Third Competitor."


The Hell in a Cell match has often been a last resort for on-going feuds. Countless feuds ended with a Hell in a Cell match and the storytelling should warrant this type of barbaric encounter. Right now, the WWE seems to be on that path. As CM Punk and Triple H's feud gains speed, it might be best to cap it off in a Cell where Triple H has been victorious numerous times. On the Smackdown end, Mark Henry has made his mark attacking competitors inside a steel cage, but he could finally be tamed when up against one or more opponents in the Hell in a Cell.

A mid-card match like Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger could provide good storytelling as the winner earns the rights to Vickie Guerrero's managerial services. Just tossing two big name competitors in the match will take away from its purpose and ultimately dull-down a potentially great pay per event.

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