WWE RAW Results - 'Texter' Revealed, HHH Addresses Nash, Punk Vs. Truth... Sound Off

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RAW opens with a lengthy recap of the Kevin Nash - Triple H - CM Punk storyline. Punk's music hits and we're off!

Punk sits in the ring and talks about how he's different and how it makes him a target because he pisses a lot of people off. He says he'll wrestle R-Truth tonight, but he'd rather kick Kevin Nash in the face. He says Nash is the status quo, and how he looks and acts the same since the 90s. Punk says that he believes Nash and HHH are still buddies and expects him to have Triple H's back at NOC. He then challenges Nash to come out and face him like a man. The nWo theme hits and Nash comes out.

Nash says he doesn't listen to Punk and he does what he wants, like last Monday when he stuck him last week. Punk goes through Nash's nicknames in the past, and says that Nash is full of excuses. Nash said that he always leaves Punk laying. Punk rips on when Nash was last relevant, saying he couldn't drive back then. Nash started walking down the aisle. Before Nash could get to the ring, Triple H's music hits.

HHH stands next to Punk and Nash starts yelling about how Triple H needs to get rid of Punk, and that he's a cancer. Triple H gets in the ring and says that there was security footage from SummerSlam, and that the Nash sent the text to himself. Nash gets in the ring and admits it, and says that he did what Triple H should have done and said that he did what HHH should have done and he made WWE cool again. Nash says the WWE Universe isn't big enough for the both of them and either he or Punk have to leave. Triple H says that Nash has done nothing but lie to him, and is about to fire Nash when Nash interrupts. Nash is furious that HHH would pick Punk over him. Nash asks if this is over him pushing him last week, but he got emotional and he thought friends can do that. He then asked HHH what he's going to do about it. Nash then starts pushing Hunter, and Triple H decks him and Nash hits the mat. Triple H then tells Nash that he's fired and leaves the ring. Punk is laughing at Nash in the ring, and wishes Nash the best of luck in his future endeavors as we head to commercial.

Back from commercial and Nash enters a limo. John Laurinaitis leaves with him.

Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston head to the ring.

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