Thanks to reader Brandon Casler, who sent this report on what happened after last night's episode of RAW:

After Alberto Del Rio got AA'd by John Cena, he stood outside the ring with Ricardo Rodriguez. CM Punk's music hit and he came out. Del Rio was trapped between Punk and Cena, not knowing what to do. Punk starting walking down the ramp to force Del Rio back into the ring, but Del Rio pushed Rodriguez into Punk and ran away.

Punk threw Rodriguez into the ring to meet Cena, and Rodriguez was begging for his life. Punk and Cena were taunting him doing the thumbs up/thumbs down bit to get the crowd going. Cena then pushed Rodriguez into Punk, who have him the GTS. Cena then took Rodriguez and nailed him with the AA.

Cena then took Rodriguez's phone and "called" Del Rio, stating, "I told you the next time you got me, I was gonna pummel your face, and at Night of Champions, I'm gonna kick your ass!"

Cena and Punk stood face to face and Cena tried to get Punk to shake his hand. After about two minutes of Cena's hand extended, Punk finally shook it and Cena raised Punk's hand. They both celebrated and started greeting the crowd and signing autographs.

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