The Royal Ramble

After his departure from TNA earlier this year, rumors have been spreading about a Mick Foley return to the WWE. The Hardcore Legend has been touring with his comedy routine, but eventually he will be back in the WWE, whether it is on camera or in effort to support their charity work. Hopefully Foley makes one more run in a WWE ring, as he has several potential feuds with new and old WWE Superstars.

Longtime readers of Foley's multiple memoirs would love to see an Iron Man match between him and Al Snow, but alas, Snow is no longer on the active WWE roster. Luckily there are five other feuds that would propel Foley and his WWE opponent to top once again.

Zack Ryder

It's the Long Island Broski versues the Long Island Legend as both hometown representives battle in a clash of generations and culture. Mick Foley is the anti-Broski, with long shaggy hair, a shaggy wardrobe and his dedicated family life.

The feud would be fueled by Foley's fiction jealousy that has boiled over as Zack Ryder grows in popularity with his online web show and Foley's Long Island based reality show "Wrestle My Family" wasn't even picked up by A&E.

The feud could do for Ryder what the Foley/Orton feud did for the "Legend Killer" in 2004. I can already picture the WWE live signs now: "WOO-WOO-BANG!"

Mark Henry

No one can apparently stop the new ruthless Mark Henry as he steamrolls through opponents. Maybe the "Hardcore Legend" can use tacks, barbed wired bats and trash cans to bring the monster down. The highlight of this feud would be the promos that Foley delivers as he talks about the destruction in his career. The World's Strongest Slam could never compare to a lost ear, missing front teeth and getting thrown off the Hell in a Cell.

The craziness of Foley's Cactus Jack character is the perfect compliment to Henry's rage and a nice ending to Henry's ongoing storyline.

The Undertaker

Nothing can overshadow the classic battles like the 1998 Hell in a Cell match and their Buried Alive Match, but a headlining match at a big event like Wrestlemania can add new spark to their "vintage" story. Both men are well past their primes, but with creative writing, the promos and build-up to the feud would make it worth every moment. An extra angle invovling a third wrestler like Kane would add more to the feud.

Vince McMahon

Yes, the classic McMahon vs. "Insert WWE Star Here" has been done a countless number of times, but there is still a story to be told between McMahon and Foley. Fans will always remember the "Montreal Screwjob" at the 1997 Survivor Series, but little mention is made of the "Missouri Screwjob" at the 1998 Survivor Series entitled "Deadly Games."

Foley was screwed by McMahon and in many months to follow, McMahon thwarted Foley's WWE Championship dreams. Adding to that is the reality-based drama involving Foley's position as the "Friday Night Smackdown" announcer. McMahon treated Foley so bad that he quit his position and chornicled the miserable time in his memoir "Countdown to Lockdown."

McMahon has been on the receiving end of chair shots, broken tables and plenty of Stone Cold Steve Austin beer baths, but he has yet to taste the metal of barbed wire baseball bat or a pile of thumbtacks down his spine.

Santino Marella

The battle of Socko vs. Cobra is easy to laugh-off and roll eyes, but the feud has potential to build-up both wrestlers. Clearly the feud would start off as a joke with a debate of the best hand puppet finishers, but in the end, Marella can finally grow from the Italian joke into a credible mid-card wrestler.

Instead of becoming another Doink in the making, Marella can turn a new leaf with Foley and become a wrestler that fans take seriously. A prolonged Socko in the mouth could correct his speech and an introduction to the world of Hardcore matches will help him take wrestling seriously. It may be far fetched, but like the Ryder feud, it could help propel Marella in a new direction.

The best part about a Mick Foley WWE return is that there are plenty of potential feuds for the Hardcore Legend to fall back on. WOO-WOO-BANG!

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