-- The Honky Tonk Man recently commented on his radio show about Greg Valentine no showing the Randy Savage Tribute Show this past weekend for Great North Wrestling, saying, "Greg Valentine's been long enough to know better. For him to do that to the promoter up in Canada. To tell someone unless you send me more money I'm not coming to then get the money and not show up. To me it's not the right thing to do. I'm not saying I'm a saint and that I haven't done thing's in my professional life but I've never asked for more money then not showed up at all (Once he got it)... Everyone has a history. It's the fact you (Greg) asked for more money. You should call the fella up and say I don't like the arrangements for this show, lets sort it out. "

-- Davey Richards & Kevin Steen will be at CRW's 3rd Anniversary Show on October 29th, 2011 in St. Leonard, Quebec, Canada. Go to http://luttecrw.com for more info.

-- Lance Storm was recently on the Aftermath show and was asked if Storm Wrestling Academy will ever become a WWE developmental territory. "I've had all kinds of different levels of talks for quite a while," Storm replied. "We've just never managed to figure out how to make it work. There's always been on going conversation. I think they hope I cave in and move to Florida. I think it makes sense to have a developmental territory in Canada. Before Deep South I talked to Vince about it. I'd like to be involved with that level again with WWE." You can listen to the full episode at this link.

-- The MMA-themed movie Warrior, which features Kurt Angle as a Russian MMA fighter in a small role, hit theaters today and has been getting great reviews. The film is at an 84% at the Rotten Tomatoes website, with 109 reviews counted. Of those reviews, 92 have been positive while 17 have been negative.

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