Source: Movie Fone

As noted yesterday, Triple H spoke with this week to promote WWE Studios' Inside Out. When asked what WWE Studios had planned next, he replied, "We just finished a movie called 'No One Lives,' that's a straight up horror, R-rated. It's funny, if we say we've got a few kid's movies, now it's: 'all WWE does is kids movies.'

"I don't think anyone expected us to make 'That's What I Am' either. A movie about prejudices and bullying and the story of a teacher and a kid that gets bullied. It's completely different for us. But Vince read it and felt passionate about the story and said 'this is a really great story. Is it gonna make us a ton of money? Nope.' We're trying to think bigger picture and longer term."

Triple H also played the name game and had to think up a movie for 80?s and 90?s stars. Here's what he came up with for the following stars:

Hulk Hogan: "Oh god, anything cheesy."
Jake Roberts: "Western villain."
DX: "Comedy."
Vince McMahon: "Wall Street"
Bill Goldberg: "Any movie that took itself too seriously."
The Ultimate Warrior: "Either crazy out-there futuristic space movie or absolute stoner film."

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