- We get a promo video for tonight's Knockouts Title Match and a Tale of the Tape from Mike Tenay.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Winter vs. Mickie James

We go to the ring and out first comes Winter with Angelina Love at her side. TNA Knockouts Champion Mickie James is out next to a nice reaction from the crowd. Mickie is dressed in Wonder Woman gear tonight.

Mickie goes to the corner to pose before the bell but Winter attacks her from behind. Mickie kicks her off and ends up on the floor, where she brawls with Angelina Love. Winter comes from behind again. Mickie counters a whip on the floor and whips Winter into the steel steps and then the fan barrier. Mickie brings it back in the ring but Winter rakes her eyes. Winter with a forearm shot, a kick and a face slam to the mat. Winter takes Mickie to the corner and works her over some more. Mickie fights right back and takes Winter down with a head scissors from the corner. Angelina grabs Mickie's foot but gets kicked back to the floor. Winter attacks from behind again and Mickie goes down.

Winter with a nice suplex and a 2 count. Micke starts to make a comeback but Winter knocks her down with a clothesline. Winter drops Mickie again and has words with Earl Hebner. Winter takes Mickie to the ropes and chokes her with a knee to the back. Hebner is distracted again, allowing Angelina to get cheap shots in. Another 2 count for Winter. Winter taunts Mickie now. Winter with a backbreaker. She bends Mickie's back over her knee. Mickie fights free but Winter scoops her up. Winter with another backbreaker over her knee. Winter with a submission now, until Mickie reaches the ropes and breaks it. Mickie with a jackknife cover out of nowhere for 2. Mickie connects with a neckbreaker. Winter gets up first and they trade shots in the middle of the ring.

Mickie comes off the ropes with clotheslines, getting pumped up. Mickie drops Winter on her face and jumps to her feet. Angelina distracts her but she superkicks Winter back down for a 2 count. Winter misses a big roundhouse kick and Mickie applies a single leg crab. Winter reaches the ropes and breaks the hold. Winter slides Angelina the Knockouts Title belt. Mickie ducks the shot from Winter. Winter struggles with Hebner over the belt. Mickie rolls her up for a close 2 count. Winter rams Mickie back in the corner and hits her with thrusts to the gut and then kicks. Mickie with a kick to the face. Mickie goes for the tornado DDT but Angelina pulls Winter out to safety. Mickie leaps from the apron onto Winter with a Thesz press. Mickie chases Angelina off up the ramp now.

Mickie makes it back int he ring but Angelina runs back down and holds her. Winter goes to spit something in Mickie's face but she ducks and it hits Angelina in the face. Hebner has his attention focused on Angelina as Winter spits more red stuff, this time hitting Mickie in the face. Winter covers for the win and the Knockouts Title, again.

Winner and New TNA Knockouts Champion: Winter

- After the match, Winter rushes to ringside and checks on Angelina Love as trainers help her to the back. Trainers tend to Mickie in the ring.

- We cut backstage to Jeremy Borash and Gunner. JB points out that Robert Roode and Gunner have to win by submission tonight to tie Bully Ray in the series. Gunner says whatever he has to do tonight to Roode, he will be going to Bound For Glory and main eventing. Ray walks up and tells Gunner not to submit or give up tonight. He doesn't care if Roode breaks his leg or neck don't give up. Ray says the last thing Gunner wants is to face him in the finals. Ray tells Gunner to get lost and he walks off. Ray tells JB that bullying is his business and business is good.

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