TNA No Surrender Results (9/11) - New Champions... Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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Bound For Glory Series Final: Bully Ray vs. James Storm

We go to the ring and out first comes Bully Ray for the next match. James Storm is out next. The only way Storm can win this match is by getting a submission victory over Ray, according to JB.

They get ready to go at it but Ray goes to the ropes and the referee stops Storm. Ray stalls some more and goes out to the apron. Ray drops down to the floor and walks around the ring. He grabs a fan sign and tears it up. Ray gets back in the ring and is ready to fight now. Or so it appeared. Ray goes back to the ropes as the crowd boo's and tells him he sucks. Ray yells to the referee to keep Storm back. Storm charges again but Ray goes out to the floor again and the crowd is all over him.

Ray goes to get back in the ring but stops, walking back around the ring. Storm chases him around the ring and back into it. Ray retreats back to the floor. A "p---y Ray" chant breaks out. Ray gets back in the ring and they finally lock upů nope, Ray goes back to the ropes. This time he comes right back and knocks Storm down. Ray takes Storm to the corner and beats him down now. Ray whips Storm to the other corner and kicks him in the chest. Ray takes his time with right hands and shots to Storm's lower back. Storm gets whipped to the other corner but ducks a big forearm shot. Storm turns it around and applies a submission hold. Ray makes it to the ropes and breaks it. Ray rolls out to the floor for safety. Ray comes back in and stalls some more, frustrating Storm.

They lock up and Storm goes to work on Ray's hurt arm. Storm takes Ray down and applies an armbreaker, trying to make Ray submit. Ray turns it into a 2 count but Storm goes back to the submission. Ray breaks it and goes back out to the floor. Storm brings the fight outside and slams Ray's arm into the steps. Ray takes Storm's leg out and he falls off the apron. Ray rolls Storm back in the ring and stops to take a sip of Storm's beer. Ray grabs a steel chair and brings it in the ring. The referee takes it and sets it outside of the ring. Ray spits beer in Storm's face as the referee isn't looking. Ray with a series of headbutts to the sternum in the corner and a big chop to send Storm down.

Ray continues the assault and taunts Storm. Ray goes for the Bubba Bomb but Storm blocks it and applies another armbreaker in the middle of the ring. Ray gets his foot to the ropes and breaks the hold. Storm applies the Scorpion and pulls Ray back as he tries to reach the ropes. Ray finally makes it and breaks the submission. Storm starts kicking Ray's arm and slams him down by it. Storm with an armbar now. Ray rolls Storm up for 2. Storm comes back with right hands. Ray dumps Storm to the apron. Storm kicks Ray in the head and takes a sip of his own beer now. Storm goes to spit it at Ray but hits the referee. The referee can't see as Storm applies another armbreaker. Ray taps out and the bell rings. The referee's decision is Bully Ray by DQ since Storm spit the beer on him.

Winner by DQ: Bully Ray

- SoCal Val meets Ray on the ramp and congratulates him on advancing. Ray tells her to shut up and get out of his face, calling her a stupid b---h. Ray asks the fans if they believe him now. He tells us his name over and over and says he's from Hells Kitchen and the next World Heavyweight mother friggin' Champion. Ray drops the mic and heads to the back. Ray is now leading the Series with 52 points. Storm is at #5, right under Rob Van Dam.

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