TNA No Surrender Results (9/11) - New Champions... Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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They make their way back in the ring and Joe keeps control in the corner. Morgan ends up on the top and hits a big crossbody for 2. Morgan charges again but Joe rolls out to the floor. Joe drops Morgan's arm over the top rope after raking his eyes. Joe with a running knee to the face and more stomps. A "Sloppy Joe" chant breaks out. Joe stomps some more and chokes Morgan on the ropes. Morgan finally makes a comeback with right hands but Joe drops him again and leg drops for a 2 count. Joe goes for a submission on Morgan's hurt arm now. Lots more back and forth. Joe with a big kick to the head but Morgan comes right back with a spinning clothesline.

Morgan drops Joe with more right hands. 2 count for Morgan. Morgan grabs Joe for a choke but Joe puts his thumb in his eyes. Joe connects with a belly-to-belly suplex for a 2 count. Joe goes for the rear naked choke but Morgan tries to block it. Morgan rams Joe back into the corner. Joe goes back to the submission and locks it in, bringing Morgan to the mat. Morgan gets his foot to the ropes but Joe takes a second to break the hold. Joe backs Earl Hebner in the corner. Joe charges Morgan but gets hit with a Carbon Footprint. Morgan covers Joe for the win.

Winner: Matt Morgan

- Jeremy Borash is backstage with Robert Roode and James Storm. Roode talks about fighting back from injury and addresses Gunner, saying it's his time and his dream. Roode says he will make Gunner tap out tonight and then whip Bully Ray's fat ass. Tonight, they will find out that it pays to be Roode. Storm says he hoped it was him vs. Roode in the final. Storm tells Roode to get Gunner tonight and then beat Ray's fat ass. Storm gets the fans to chant "Bobby" for Roode. Storm says everyone believes in Roode and he deserves this.

Bound For Glory Series Final Match: Robert Roode vs. Gunner

We go to the ring and out first comes Gunner. Robert Roode is out next to a chant from the crowd. They lock up and Roode takes Gunner to the mat. Back and forth action to start until they end up on the floor brawling. Roode uses the ring post on Gunner's arm. Roode finally brings it back int he ring and kicks Gunner in the head. More stomps from Roode as he focuses on Gunner's hurt shoulder. Gunner counters and drops Roode with a DDT.

Gunner turns things around and knocks Roode into the corner. Roode with an elbow shot but Gunner drops him with a forearm shot. Gunner chokes Roode and then uses the ropes to choke him again. Gunner slingshots Roode's neck under the bottom rope. Gunner with a spinning neckbreaker and more offense on Roode's neck. Gunner locks a head scissors on Roode now, still focusing on the neck. Roode turns it around and goes for an armbar but can't get it locked. Roode goes to work on the arm some more but Gunner drops him with a clothesline. Gunner with another neckbreaker. Gunner goes for a Full Nelson now and locks it, taking Roode to the mat.

Roode fights to his feet and rams Gunner back into the corner but can't break the hold. The hold is finally broken and they trade right hands in the middle of the ring. Roode kicks Gunner and takes him back down with an armbar. Gunner charges with a knee but Roode ducks it and connects with a spinebuster. More back and forth. Roode drops down with another armbar but Gunner makes it to the ropes. Gunner kicks Roode back in the corner and charges but Roode kicks him back. Gunner comes right back with a running knee and Roode goes down. Gunner goes for another Full Nelson but his arm is hurting. Roode counters again and applies yet another armbar. Roode pulls Gunner back and stops him from getting the ropes. Gunner finally taps out to give Roode the win.

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