TNA No Surrender Results (9/11) - New Champions... Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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Winner: Bobby Roode

- After the match, Roode celebrates when Eric Bischoff comes out to congratulate him. Bischoff tells the crowd to give it up for Roode. Bischoff has some bad news for Roode and calls him a dumbass for the interview he did earlier. Bischoff says they will have a winner in the Bound For Glory Series tonight and says it's Ray vs. Roode, un-advertised.

- JB is backstage with Austin Aries. Aries tells Borash to shhh because time for talk is over. Aries says all Brien Kendrick's philosophical rants are meaningless. All of his own sarcastic comments are also meaningless. It's time for Total Nonstop Aries, he says. Aries says Kendrick is a world class athlete and will bring his A game tonight. Aries says that won't be good enough because tonight, he's bringing his A-double game. Aries says everyone will see tonight why he's the greatest man alive and he will become the first & the last X Division Champion.

TNA X Division Title Match: Austin Aries vs. Brian Kendrick

After a video package, we go to the ring and out comes the challenger Austin Aries. Out next comes the TNA X Division Champion Brian Kendrick and he's as odd as ever. The bell rings and we get dueling chants from the crowd. They lock up and Aries takes Kendrick down. Kendrick breaks and goes to the apron for a second before coming back in. Kendrick goes behind now and takes Aries to one knee by his arm. Aries counters but Kendrick blocks it and goes for an armbar. Aries makes it to the ropes and breaks the hold. Aries goes to the floor to regroup now.

They go to lock up again but Aries with a knee to the gut. Aries takes Kendrick down again with a running shoulder and then two big arm drags. Kendrick counters and applies a head scissors. Aries fights his way out of it and dropkicks Kendrick in the face. Kendrick comes back now with arm drags and a drop toe hold. Aries goes back to the apron to regroup. Kendrick comes over but Aries shoulder blocks him and rolls him up. Kendrick blocks the pin and kicks Aries in the face. Aries blocks Sliced Bread and goes back to the floor. Kendrick goes for a baseball slide but Aries moves. Kendrick works Aries over on the floor and whips him into the fan barrier. Kendrick with a boot to the throat now before bringing it back in the ring. Aries rolls right back out and Kendrick throws him back into the barrier.

Aries blocks Sliced Bread on the floor and shoves Kendrick into the ring post. Aries hits a Russian leg sweep, sending the back of Kendrick's head into the post. Aries brings it back in the ring for a 2 count. Aries with more offense and a big slingshot over the top, chopping Kendrick in the back. Another 2 count for Aries. Aries puts Kendrick on the ropes and hits him with big chops. Aries with a big back elbow and an elbow drop for another 2 count. Aries puts a knee in Kendrick's back now and continues to keep in control. Aries with another submission hold. They get to their feet and trade shots. Aries stops Kendrick again and drops him. Aries goes for his swinging elbow drop but Kendrick rolls out of the way. Kendrick comes back with a jawbreaker. Aries avoids an enziguri and tosses Kendrick into the corner and the ring post. Aries waits for Kendrick to get up. Aries charges with a dropkick but Kendrick throws a kick and they collide. Kendrick with a forearm and a dropkick. Kendrick with another kick. Aries ends upside down on the ropes. Kendrick dropkicks him to the floor and then suicide dives out, knocking Aries down.

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