WWE RAW Results - HHH/Punk Face Off ... Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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Rodriguez comes on stage and introduces Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio walks to the stage and he and Rodriguez head to the ring.

Bret Hart and John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez

Cena starts the match doing his bull run gimmick using his shirt with Rodriguez, which he's been doing at house shows lately. Cena spent the early part of the match dominating Rodriguez and Del Rio, mostly Rodriguez. Cena hit the AA on Rodriguez and tagged in Hart, who applied the sharpshooter, forcing Rodriguez to tap immediately. Cena takes the mic and tells Del Rio that he can keep running, but his destiny changes on Sunday and he'll be champ. Cena and Hart then celebrate to Hart's music.

A video aired highlighting SmackDown! after 9/11 with Vince's promo, with Cena doing the voiceover. It then goes on to talk about how the American has endured since that attack. Impressive piece.

Kelly Kelly's music hits, and her match with Vickie is next. Vickie heads to the ring with Ziggler.

Kelly Kelly vs. Vickie Guerrero

In progress. Some badly botches spots early. Kelly hit the stinkface and Swagger headed down the ring and clocked Ziggler. Vickie is distracted, and Kelly rolled her up to get the pin. Beth Phoenix tried to ambush her after the match, but Kelly kicked her before she could get in the ring and ran off.

A promo of Hugh Jackman guest hosting next week's RAW aired.

A promo aired hyping Triple H.

Josh Matthews interviews Mark Henry backstage. Henry says he's been plowing over through everyone because he hasn't been respected for 15 years, and that he is going to become World Heavyweight Champion. He finishes by saying that Randy Orton will be entering his Hall of Pain this Sunday.

Mark Henry's attack on Orton from last week is shown.

Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes

Orton takes the early advantage but Henry starts heading to the ring. Ortpn lashes at Henry, and Henry ends up heading to the back. Orton goes back to work, but Henry comes back out with a chair and sits on the top of the ramp. Orton starts to go after him and Rhodes takes advantage of the distraction and knees Orton in the face.

Back from commercial, and Henry gets closer to the ring and sites again. Orton is having trouble concentrating on Rhodes. Orton tries going for the RKO at one point, but Henry stood up, distracting Orton. The ref tended to Henry and Rhodes nailed Orton with the mask and then hit Cross Rhodes. Rhodes then pinned Orton clean.

After the match, Henry entered the ring and hit Orton with a chair and then held the World title over his head and taunted Orton with it.

The Punk - Triple H final face-off is up next.

A promo for SmackDown! airs, and Edge will host "The Cutting Edge" with Randy Orton and Mark Henry.

A recap of Triple H firing Nash last week aired. Triple H entered the ring first, followed by Punk. Punk got his standard bizarro-Cena response, with men cheering him but women and children booing him.

Punk started the promo by saying he respected Triple H, and respected him for firing the "charisma vacuum and ratings killer" Kevin Nash. Punk said that he doesn't like HHH, and he knows that HHH didn't like him since the beginning when he called him a "undersized internet darling." Triple H says it's changed a little bit. Punk says that's the problem, that his perception still hasn't changed, and that he's still like Vince McMahon and that they share the same philosophy that someone that looks like him doesn't belong with someone that looks like HHH. He says that he and HHH and McMahon have a bodybuilder fetish, and that anyone that's not a bodybuilder has to work harder.

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