WWE RAW Results - HHH/Punk Face Off ... Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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HHH cut him off and mentioned Bret Hart, Rey Mysterio, Shawn Michaels, etc. Punk says that he can't be that naive. HHH says if Punk wants to use that for his failures, that's up to him. The crowd chanted "CM Punk." HHH said that he needs to stop worrying about his opinion, and it's the people's opinions that matters. HHH says that his opinion has changed about him because the people's has changed.

Punk goes back to Survivor Series several years ago when he was on DX's team, and the fans chanted for Punk and not DX. Punk said that he doesn't play games and he'd rather be hated for what he is then loved for what he's not. Triple H says that Punk has had lots of opportunities with the titles, Money In the Banks, and maybe it's time for him to look in the mirror and realize he's not as great as he thinks he is. HHH then says that Punk needs to worry about people's opinion, and we're kinda full circle. HHH says that sometimes he's right or wrong about talent, like he was wrong about Cena, but it's about winning people over.

Punk cuts him off and asks him if he's listening to the audience. HHH says they're chanting his name today, but not a year ago or for the past six years ago. Punk says that he's earned everything he's gotten over the last six years, and HHH said that he admits that. HHH says that this is personal, but Punk made it personal and he's going to kick Punk's ass. Punk says that we can add that to all the other things he's wrong about, and Punk said he's going to pin HHH and make him go to sleep. Punk says his quest for change in WWE doesn't stop until HHH is no longer COO and uses their real names and says that the reason it's going to be so satisfying... mic cuts out. Punk starts blaming HHH about it and HHH hands him his mic, and that mic stops working. HHH gets another mic from ringside, Punk takes it and clobbers HHH over the head with it. I think that means HHH is winning this Sunday. Punk then walks off to the back smiling as the show went off the air.

What are your thoughts on tonight's show? Sound off below. You can check out my personal comments on tonight's show on my brand new Twitter account at twitter.com/rajgiri_303.

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