Nathan sent this one in:

After the show went off the air, they announced a triple threat match for the WWE Championship between Cena, Punk and Del Rio. All three men came out, but before the match could begin Del Rio clocked the ref, knocking him out. Punk and Cena checked on him, when Hart's music hit, and Hart entered with a referee shirt on. The match was a comedy match, devolving into Punk and Cena trying to one-up each other, hitting moves on Del Rio. Including Punk hitting Hornswaggle's butt-splash. Then Miz and R Truth ran out and interfered, leading to the DQ. Del Rio took off with the belt and left Miz and Truth to take an AA and a GTS. Finally, to close out the show, Hart applied the sharpshooter to Miz at the request of Cena and Punk.

Oh and Bret Hart was WAY over, easily the most over of anyone on the card. Punk was likely the next over, getting the loudest chants.

Matthew sent in this report:

Dark Match:

Mason Ryan vs Primo - pretty much a squash match here, just making Ryan look great.

Drew McIntyre vs Zack Ryder - Drew dominated the entire match pretty well, Ryder got the win after the Rough Ryder when Drew was frustrated.

Live Notes:
The crowd was hot tonight. I'm not sure if it came through on TV, but Bret Hart and CM Punk were very, very over with us.

Biggest pops
Bret Hart
CM Punk
Triple H

Most Heat:
Miz and Truth
Alberto Del Rio

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